Executive Management

Through the leadership of its talented team members and its best-in-class business units, Khudairi Group seeks to help rebuild Iraq and improve the quality of life for all Iraqis.


Aziz Khudairi
CEO and Chairman of Khudairi Group

AZIZ KHUDAIRI is CEO and Chairman of Khudairi Group. A seasoned executive and Baghdad native, Mr. Khudairi brings a wealth of management experience, a strong business reputation, and extensive knowledge of Iraq to the company. Prior to founding Khudairi Group in 2004, Mr. Khudairi owned and operated several of the Khudairi family’s businesses in Iraq, including the Nasr Paint Company—the largest paint factory in Iraq. In light of the Khudairi Group’s activities in Iraq, the U.S.-Iraq Business Initiative (USIBI) appointed Mr. Khudairi to its high-level bi-lateral trade commission, a part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He is also an active member of the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and the Iraq Businessmen Union. A former professor at Baghdad University, Mr. Khudairi holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Baghdad University and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.


Subhi Khudairi
President of Khudairi Group

SUBHI KHUDAIRI is President of Khudairi Group. Subhi leads the Dealership, Rentals, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods business units. In 2012, Subhi successfully established the regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to strengthen Khudairi Group’s global network of suppliers and partners.

Prior to founding Khudairi Group with his father and brother, Subhi was an associate equity trader at AIM Investments. Subhi earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Subhi then went on to earn his Master’s in Business Administration from the Jesse H. Jones School of Management at Rice University; while there, he was awarded the Jones Citizenship Award. Subhi currently serves on the board of the International Refugee Assistance Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing free legal representation and advocacy for vulnerable refugees..


Mohammed Khudairi
Managing Partner of Khudairi Group

MOHAMMED KHUDAIRI is a native of Baghdad and currently serves in Dubai as the Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of Khudairi Group. Mohammed leads the Engineering, Procurement, & Construction and the Oilfield Supply and Services business units. Mohammed has extensive experience in project management, operational logistics, international letters of credit, and project financing; he also possesses a deep knowledge of the cultural, political, and security conditions within Iraq.

Mohammed founded the Khudairi Group in 2004 along with his father and brother and was closely involved with the company’s initial work with the Department of Defense, State Department, USAID, and the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq. Mohammed attended the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business and received a degree in Finance with a focus in Middle Eastern Studies. He is actively involved in several non-profit organizations, including the Silver Spurs Alumni Association and the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP). He also serves as the Vice President of the Iraqi Children Foundation.



Mohammed Khaldoun
Managing Director of Azku Oil and Gas

Mohammed Khaldoun is Vice-President and Managing Director of Azku Oil and Gas, Iraq. Khaldoun has extensive experience in domestic oil and gas exploration and production operations, and management. Prior to joining Azku, he spearheaded business development and strategic planning resulting higher growth in the revenue. He spent a decade building sales organizational sales from early stage to a market leadership position.

Khaldoun is responsible for overall management in the region. He works with the Executive Management to develop strategic business plans, budget management, and formulate the organization’s goals, objectives and policies. Khaldoun received a B.Sc. degree from Rafdain University.


Sura Khudairi
Director of Al Nadir Trading Company, ANTC

Mrs. Sura Khudairi has been a Director of Khudairi Group since 2010. Mrs. Khudairi is the Director of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods division, also known as Al Nadir Trading Company (ANTC). ANTC is a leader in marketing and distribution business in Iraq with main branches in Erbil, Sulaimania, Baghdad and Basrah, while reaching most consumers all over Iraq. Mrs. Khudairi is a high energy, creative, collegiate team builder overseeing over 150 individuals Iraq-wide. Mrs. Khudairi is responsible for all functions of the FMCG business unit (sales, procurement, marketing, management, etc.), including having to navigate through the political, cultural, and compliance challenges throughout the country. Sura is passionate about building the Nadir private label into a household name, while staying committed to quality and maintaining the Iraqi culture. She spearheaded the team that has increased sales over 15% year over year despite the political unrest and poor economic status of Iraq.


Omar Al Karkhi
General Manager of Al Nadir Trading Company, ANTC

Omar Al Karkhi has been with Khudairi Group since 2007, where he started working in the warehouse. He graduated with a degree in Agriculture Engineer from Baghdad University. Omar started from the bottom of the organization chart in the FMCG business and has been promoted many times. In 2011, Omar was promoted to Iraq-wide manager of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Business Unit. His hard work and dedication has been instrumental in the fast growth of the FMCG division over the past 10 years, growing with the changing landscape and the momentum of the company.

Omar is committed to not only keeping high standards for FMCG but to achieving growth in every area of the Khudairi Group business. He is knowledgeable about many BU’s and is always willing to lend a hand to others as needed and provide his very valuable opinion on business and logistics matters.


Sameer Khudairi
Managing Director - Iraq of Al Khudairi Marketing and Distribution (AKMDC)
Shell Lubricants Macro Distributor for Iraq.

Mr. Sameer Khudairi started working with KG in November 2015. He previously worked in Jordan as Production Engineer at Rhodes Precast Concrete Ltd. Mr. Khudairi is responsible for most functions of the AKMDC business unit (sales, marketing, management, etc.)

Sameer received a B.Sc. degree in Civil engineering from East Ukrainian Volodymyr Dahl National University. He is a highly valued employee and we appreciate all of his hard work in growing the AKMDC business. Nice work Sameer!


Arin Pinto
Director of Al Khudairi Marketing and Distribution Company, AKDNC, AKRC and AKDPC

Arin has been with Khudairi Group since 2010, and is currently the Branch Manager of the Dubai office. Arin also serves as a Director for Al Khudairi Marketing and Distribution Company, the Shell Lubricants Macro Distributor for Iraq, and Director of Business Development for Al Khudairi Rentals Company. Originally from Houston, Texas, Arin has also lived and worked in China, Ethiopia and India. Arin is a graduate of Stanford University and serves on the board of the Stanford Alumni Club of the UAE.


Ibrahim Al Kubaisi
Director of AKRC and AKDPC


Mohammed Dulaimi
Managing Director, AKRC (Central Region Iraq)

Mohammed Munem has been with Khudairi group since 2009, he is currently the Managing Director of Al Khudairi Rentals (AKRC) and the G&I Projects Manager. Where he started working as warehouse manager under KBR contract and has been promoted many times from HSE manager to be transitioned into AKRC business unit where he has been working hard to support and lead the Rentals and G&I efforts in all central Iraq sites. Mohammed is committed to create a safe and professional processes and systems to grow the business and to achieve our rentals business goal to be best in class. Mohammed received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Mustansiriyah University and he was the first to receive the company’s CEO Leadership Award.


Firas Al Rubaye
Managing Director for Ain Khudairi Trading and Contracting Company


Atif Noor