siemens-logoKhudairi Group has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Siemens Energy Service division to become an authorized distributor for its Oil & Gas Industrial Application Services within Iraq, which includes products, systems and services for power generation, compression and pumping. According to Mohammed Khudairi, Executive Vice President of Khudairi Group, “Iraq has a huge demand for power generation in order to support the massive oil sector development that is underway. Khudairi Group is proud to partner with such a prominent and reputable manufacturer as Siemens to address this demand and provide the power that will drive the economic growth and prosperity of Iraq and the Iraqi people, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Siemens in Iraq.”

Siemens is a globally operating technology company with core activities in the fields of energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure. Siemens’ Energy Sector is one of the world’s leading suppliers of a wide range of products, solutions and services in the field of energy technology. Siemens enables customers to generate, transmit and distribute electrical power at the highest levels of efficiency. It also helps customers produce, convert, and transport the primary fuels oil and gas.

Merging top quality international standards of performance and execution with three hundred years of history as one of Iraq’s most prominent commercial families, the Khudairi Group is a leading provider of solutions to the oil and gas and construction industries in Iraq. The Khudairi Group is active throughout Iraq across three primary business divisions:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Oilfield Supply & Services
  • Heavy Machinery