Khudairi Group is a US small business registered in the State of Texas since February 1986 and is jointly owned by Mr. Aziz Khudairi, Mr. Subhi Khudairi, & Mr. Mohammed Khudairi. Khudairi Group is a holding company of different subsidiaries either registered in the State of Texas or as a local Iraqi entity (A.KTCC). The Khudairi Family has conducted business in Iraq for the last 200 years. The Khudairi Group of companies operates Three main Divisions (Oil & Gas (O&G), Government & Infrastructure (G&I), & Heavy Machinery (HM). Operations are carried out through our corporate office in Houston, TX and branch offices in Amman, Jordan, Erbil, Sulaymania, Baghdad, & Basrah, Iraq.

Khudairi Group has been able to succeed through harsh times whether due to political unrest, a changing public demand, or an evolving economy. Khudairi Management has been able to adapt to all changes in Iraq's sometimes turbulent environmllent to emerge as a leading US-Iraqi company bridging the technology and structural gaps between the two nations.

Khudairi Management direclty employs over 150+ local Iraqi nationals and a number of American Nationals through its Houston office. This management team in turn manages over 1,200+ Local Iraqi Skilled & Unskilled Labor for various work contracts and agreements.

Our O&G Division focuses on supporting the Oil and Gas Industry throughout Iraq with support from our local Iraqi offices and staff. Our G&I Division focuses on supporting the provision of local Iraqi national manpower and services including human resources, skilled & unskilled labor, & local manpowered needs.

Khudairi Group has a strong reputation performing work on time and with complete support from local government entities and municipalities. Whether with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi Federal Government, or local states and municipalities, Khudairi Group has obtained the proper permits to work with each type of governmental entity.

Due to the security and financial situations throughout the country of Iraq, all decisions and corporate management work is performed out of the Houston Office. Once a contract has been negotiated and has begun to be implemented, our in-country management, located in Erbil, Iraq , begins our operations and management phase. This Erbil, Iraq office controls all day-to-day operations throughout the Amman, Jordan, Erbil, Sulaymania, Baghdad, and Basrah Offices.



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SURA KHUDAIRI Marketing Director
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